Career Prospects in Psychology degree

With the increasing stress and strain of metropolitan life the need for clinical psychologist has increased manifold. Career prospects in psychology are certainly bright in a country of more than one billion; there are only few hundred clinical psychologists. Clinical psychologists work in number of service setting like general hospitals, mental health clinics and psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation centres and private clinics, apart from universities and colleges. A person in order to start an independent practice of counselling needs to register him self with the Rehabilitation Council of India. This is one of the most rewarding careers.

The fee charged by a psychologist  is based on the sessions or  sitting which may be for an hour or so. Per session one can charge anywhere from Rs 200 to Rs 500, depending upon the degree of popularity the psychologist enjoys, such sessions may go on for few months.

Development online psychology degrees includes the study of psychological cognitive an social development that takes place throughout life. Areas of specialization are behaviour during infancy, childhood and adolescence, or changes that occur during maturity or old age. There are job opportunities at the B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. levels. Individuals at the B.A level could find jobs in mental, health/social services area. They can work as child protection  workers, residential youth counsellors, or mental health service providers. The remuneration depends on the organization one can expect a minimum of Rs 10,000 excluding perks. With the passage of time, the scope and the remuneration, both are bound to increase.

Criminal psychology is a challenging field dealing with the behaviour pattern of criminals. Forensic psychology, a branch of the related facts. A specialization in this field enables one to get employed in areas such as security services. One can also become a forensic examiner, DNA analyst or a fingerprint analyst. Of course the remuneration is quite attractive. A Government job enable one to earn anything between Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 exclusive  of Perks.

The field of Animal Psychology is unique. Animal psychologists are currently applying animal Behavioural knowledge in enhancing the well being of human in areas of ‘Animal Assisted Therapy’ and ‘Animal Assisted Activities’ Career Prospects are bright. Animal Psychologists find online teaching degree position in departments of psychology, Biology and Zoology. There are also opportunities in the departments of Anthropology, Sociology, Entomology, Animal and poultry Science, Wildlife Biology and Ecology and in medical and veterinary colleges.

The branch of Industrial/organizational Psychology is concerned with the scientific structuring of organizations and of work to improve the productivity and quality of life of people at work. Career prospects are quite attractive. One can easily be employed in the corporate sector and also in the various governmental departments. And the remunerations are very attractive. Most of the organizations today have a Human Resources Development department dealing with the various Human Resources Development department dealing with the various human relations in the organization.

One can join the personnel Management department of an organization. Salary in the corporate sector ranges from an initial Rs.20,000 to Rs. 40,000 depending upon the status of the company. Social Psychology is the branch of psychology that deal with the scientific study of how people think about, influence and related to one another. Day by day people want to make their career in psychology and they want to get the online dgree in psychology. There are job opportunities for social psychologists in virtually every type of employment setting, including educational institutions, non-profit organization, corporations, Government organizations and hospitals.

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